Frogs will eat just about any bug that crosses their paths. Frogs are carnivores so they will only eat meat. All food for frogs must be alive because a frog will not eat a bug if it's not moving. Ants, spiders, moths, grasshoppers, small worms, flies, crickets, mosquitoes, and other bugs.

Frog 11


If a frog sees a moving bug, it will lunge at it. Frogs constantly blink when they eat because it helps them swallow. Their eyes will sink into their head. Frogs do not have any teeth. They must swallow their whole meal. Their tongue takes less then a second to unroll and capture their food so the prey can not react in time.

Some of my frogs in the past have eaten spiders mainly. Ants were not as popular, they would only eat them if they were really hungry. Moths are very easy to find and a food frogs love. Bring a butterfly net and a closable container to a light at night and try to catch moths for your frog.

If your frog is not eating, do not panic. Sometimes they are not hungry and or are stressed. make sure the prey is small enough to fit in the frogs mouth, but isn't too small to go unnoticed. Give your frog some time (one to three days) and then try to feed him or her.

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