WHAT TO FEED YOUR TOAD Toad are very easy when it comes to mealtime. They will just about eat any bug big enough to fit in there mouth. Here are a couple examples. Spiders, ants, moths, inch worms, pill bugs, crickets, and lots of beetles. Toads are especially fond of spiders and moths. The insect must be alive because a toad will not eat food that isn't moving.



Toads spot their food quickly. They always eat when there hungry so if your toad does not seem to be eating, it simply means it is stressed or not hungry. Your toad could possibly be sick too if it's not eating. When a toad swallows, it's eyes are forced shut. When you toad squeezes it's eyes shut, it is not in pain. It is normal for a toad to blink. Blinking helps food got down a toads throat. remember, toads do not have teeth so it will take a little time for your toad to swallow. It is swallowing. Good luck feeding your toad!

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