Toads and Frogs love company! And they do get lonely living alone. If you find a get another frog or toad, it would be a nice idea to put them in the same habitat. But if you get a frog, and you already have a toad, (Or vice versa) you probably shouldn't put them in the same habitat. But they would enjoy a visit once and a while! Most frogs and toads don't like to be touched. However, if you are planning on handling your frog or toad, you must wash your hands before and after you touch them. By washing your hands after, t removes all bacteria from the frog or toad. By washing your hands before handling your pet, you are removing all harmful oils from your skin. Since frogs and toads breathe through their skin, by touching them you can leave oils on their skin which can clog up their skin making it harder for the pet to breathe. So it's best to leave them be. If your pet is in a tight area, it most likely is not stuck. It'll get out when it's ready.</code>
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