3 gallon aqarium

Setting up a frog or toad habitat is very fun and exciting. A 10 gallon aquarium is good for big frogs and toads. A five gallon aquarium is good for small frogs and toads. The links below will show you where to buy and examples of small aquariums.

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10 gallon aquarium

Peat moss is a good plant for a habitat. It doesn't need to be cut like grass and you can find it almost anywhere.Some frogs and toads will make burrows in their moss. During the day, when it is hot your frog or toad will go inside his or her burrow. Peat moss can be found in a shady spot on a rock outside. Use a spray bottle to spray the moss everyday. Your frog and toad make like to be misted too. Put a deep layer of dirt about two or three inches into the aquarium then pull some peat moss up form the ground and lay it on the dirt. Your peat moss will not live forever. You make have to replace it if it starts dying or hardening and turning brown or yellow. Put a water bowl in a corner somewhere in your habitat. For small frogs, a water bowl can be as simple as the bottom of a half gallon plastic milk container cut out. Fill up the water bowl so it's just above the frog or toads shoulders. This way, they can swim or sit in the water. If you are using a milk container for a water bowl, you may want to mark a little line where it is good to fill up the water. Frog and toads will use their water bowl as a toilet. Bigger frogs and toads will go more so you will have to change their water more often. About once a day. It's okay to skip a day once in a while but remember, frogs and toads drink through their skin so they will need fresh water. For smaller pets you can skip changing their water more often. However, frogs and toad's pee is clear so even if the water looks clean, it might not be. 70 degrees- 75 degrees is a good temperature for most frogs and toads. Make sure you confirm this. Your habitat should be in sunlight, but make sure your frog or toad has some shade from the hot sun. You do not want your frogs or toad to over heat. Aquarium decorations are also a good idea. One of my frogs has a plastic hollow log and she hides in there at night to sleep. If your frog or toad likes to hide and is nervous and or scared of you, leave him alone. Let your pet feel the security and safety of hiding from you. However if your frog or toad is too scared to come out and eat you should leave food for them in the cage somewhere. You can tell weather your pet is eating by the water bowl. If it is dirty, the frog or toad has eaten. Don't forget, your pet might like to sleep during the day and come out at night.


Peat moss

Moss 5

Peat moss

Moss 3

Peat moss

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